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Universitas Diponegoro

Universitas Diponegoro is one of the best universities in Indonesia and ranks among the best campuses in Asia. It is a public university in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. We have two campus locations. The Pleburan Campus ​​(Post Graduate Program) and the Tembalang Campus

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

We have become a well-known faculty not only in Universitas Diponegoro but also in Central Java, and even in Indonesia. The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro has produced quality graduates and has strategic roles in various sectors, such as in the private and government sectors.

In 2021, we are ranked 600+ by Subject – World University Rank. Thus, FISIP UNDIP has been recognized for its quality on the world stage.  


Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Diponegoro is the right place for your learning experience


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Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Univesitas Diponegoro


Dean, Vice-Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, and Vice-Dean of Resources, as well as our staffs


Joining the first batch of the International Class in the Department of Governance Studies is such a blessing that I must be grateful for because it is like finding a new family and learning in a supportive place with the educators who always guide me in each process. I believe that studying political and governance studies in a good place will help to produce good generations and good governance in the future.

Siti Maharani Nabilah

International Undergradute Students. Governance Sciense

I’m so grateful that I have chosen to be a student of Undip Governance Studies. It provides me with a competitive and supportive learning environment. Along with competent lecturers, my understanding of the latest political issues is getting holistic and varied. The Undip Governance Studies has shaped me to be a critical and responsive person.

Debhy Mayangsari

International Undergradute Students. Governance Sciense


Our alumni are spread all around the country and over the world. We have produced excellent graduates who are experts in their fields

Ahmad Muqowam

Chairman of the Committee I of Regional of Representative Council of Republic of Indonesia

Adi Suryanto

Head of Institute of State Administration of Republic of Indonesia

Masrokhan Sulaiman


Mangara Pardede

Mayor of Central Jakarta (2015-2018)


Indonesian Ambassador for Spain

Yogi Arif Nugraha

Kompas TV Vice Editor-in-Chief

Campus Facilities

In order to support the success of student learning and the performance of lecturers and educational staff, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro provides luxurious facilities that can be accessed by students while studying @FISIP Universitas Diponegoro 

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