HMPS Public Administration UNDIP Rembang to Hold National Webinar on Public Works 2022

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November 11, 2022

“Reformation is currently directed at improving the quality of public services and also the supervision. The idea of Reformation produces new ideas to be adopted and institutions are formed with adaptive policies” said Dr. Drs. Hardi Warsono, MTP, as the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Diponegoro in his remarks at the Public Webinar event organised by the Public Administration Student Association (HMPS) Rembang, Wednesday (9/11) through the Zoom Meeting.

Publikarya activity is an activity organised by HMPS Public Administration Rembang with a theme, “The Contribution of College Students As Agents of Change In The Transition Period”. The National Webinar at Publikarya 2022 aims to provide education and an overview of the contribution of students to the evaluation of economic digital transformation policies in the transition period and the adoption of values, as well as preparing students who are ready to become agents of change and become a forum for students to provide critical and innovative ideas and aspirations of the younger generation.

The keynote speaker was Prof Agus Pramusinto (Chairman of the State Civil Apparatus Commission/Chairman of the Indonesian Association for Public Administration/ Professor of the Department of Management and Public Policy UGM) who delivered material on the Development of Civil Servant Merit System Based on Moral Core Values.

“Wherever we work, we are all subjected to the same principles of professionalism, good service, compassionate respect for citizens, and integrity,” said Prof Agus.

Prof Agus further explained that meritocracy was a government that was managed by people who were selected based on their abilities or skills (combination: of qualifications, competence and performance). This is different from a government based on a spoil system or political patronage. They are appointed because of similar political affiliations, friendships or ethnic similarities and others. (Lin-PR)