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Overview of The International Undergraduate Program

In line with UNDIP’s vision to become a world-leading research university, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Diponegoro organizes special international classes for the undergraduate level, namely the International Undergraduate Program or abbreviated as IUP. The implementation of the IUP is to create a study program that offers an international standard curriculum and creates graduates who are able to compete globally. This is because the lecture process in the IUP class uses English completely, besides that as one of the graduation requirements, students who are included in the IUP class must complete what is called International Exposure. International Exposure is an opportunity given to IUP students to take part in lecture programs or activities abroad. Through this international exposure program, students are expected to gain experience on the atmosphere, methods, and knowledge of studying at foreign universities.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Chancellor of the Universitas Diponegoro No. 4 of 2020 concerning Academic Regulations in the Education Sector of the Diponegoro University Undergraduate Program in the fourth part concerning International Classes Article 8 paragraph 1 which states that international class undergraduate programs can only be held in study programs that organize regular undergraduate programs accredited A, so one of the superior study programs in The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, namely the Bachelor of Communication Studies Program, held an IUP in 2018

IUP class in 2018 is quite a lot. In the first batch of Communication Studies IUP class there were 30 students. Taking into account the success of the IUP implementation in the Communication Studies program, in 2019, the Business Administration Study Program opened their first IUP class. In the first batch of IUP Business Administration there were 24 registered students. Following the previous two study programs, in 2020 two study programs, namely the Government Science Study Program and the Public Administration Study Program, held IUP classes.

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As explained above, students are required to complete the international exposure program as a graduation requirement (See Certificate). Until now, study programs that offer IUP classes in the FISIP environment offer Single Degree programs, meaning that graduates of IUP classes will have one degree. However, it is possible that FISIP will carry out a Double Degree program in the following year.

Another thing that distinguishes between regular classes and IUP apart from the language of instruction which uses English is the number of students in one class. In one IUP class the maximum number of students is 30 people. 

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