In order to provide wider opportunities for Universitas Diponegoro’s students to take part in the Batch I KKN Wana Dipa Undip – Kedaireka Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology’s Thematic KKN Program in 2021, There will be an extension for the registration period and adjustment towards the Batch I Thematic KKN Schedule as follows:

Registration Renewal                                  : July 27, 2021 –August 9, 2021

Thematic KKN Debriefing                           : August 12, 2021

Antigen Swab for thematic KKN participants : August 19, 2021

Dischargement                                            : August 20, 2021

Withdrawal                                                   : September 31, 2021

With this announcement, the schedule for the implementation of the Thematic KKN Batch I which was previously submitted through the Undip KKN website ( is declared to be adjusted. The details of activities and registration requirements can be downloaded in the attachment to this announcement. This announcement is made for the attention of all parties. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Attachment: Announcement of the Batch I Thematic KKN KHDTK WANA DIPA UNDIP