International undergraduate program

International Exposure

Based on the Dean Decree of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro number 00158/UN7.5.7.2/HK/2021 concerning the Stipulation of Guidelines for the Implementation of the International Exposure Program for International Undergraduate Program (IUP) Students, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro, that all IUP students are required to complete the International Exposure activity as one of the graduation requirements.


What is International Exposure?

International Exposure activities carried out by students abroad can take the form of:

Student Exchange

It is a lecture activity for IUP FISIP UNDIP students at partner universities abroad. Activities are carried out within one semester or a maximum of 2 semesters. In this activity, students can take several courses at partner universities. At the end of this activity, there are two schemes, namely Credit Bearing and Credit Transfer System. The Credit Bearing System is the result of credits for courses taken at partner universities. It is not converted into credits at Undip, but only as a supplement to the diploma. Meanwhile, the Credit Transfer System allows students to convert the credits they get at overseas universities. FISIP UNDIP still implements a Single Degree system, meaning that the degree students get when they graduate is only from Universitas Diponegoro. In contrast to the regular class, students in the IUP class will receive an IUP pass certificate by the Undip Rector at the end of the study as stated in the Universitas Diponegoro Rector Regulation No. 4 of 2020 concerning Academic Regulations in the Education Sector of Universitas Diponegoro Undergraduate Program in the part four on International Class Article 8 paragraph 9.

Credit Transfer system Program (CTS Program)

It is a lecture activity at partner universities abroad with a credit transfer process at the end of the activity. This means that the credits of courses taken abroad will later be recognized as courses at Universitas Diponegoro. Moreover, the MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka/ Merdeka Learning Merdeka Campus) allows students to be able to convert courses obtained at partner universities abroad to Universitas Diponegoro.


As one of the best universities in Indonesia, Diponegoro University has established several collaborations with the best universities in the world. This information can be accessed at Students can independently seek information regarding partner universities that can accept them for student exchange there. Here are some partner universities with Diponegoro University that are actively collaborating and accepting students there.

NoUniversityCountryAplication Deadline Program/ Fall Semester Aplication Deadline Program/ Spring SemesterRequirements StudentsUniversity Useful Link Link Google Drive
1National Tsing Hua University Taiwan28 March 2024 10 Oktober 2023"1. An completed exchange student online application form
2. An official copy of the applicant's current transcript
3. A study plan
4. A copy of passport or other document verifying nationality
5. An official copy of your home university enrollment record
6. An application checklist"
2National Central University Taiwan1 February 2024 – 22 March 2024September 1 to October 301. Official Academic Transcript issued by Home University (must contain GPA and please provide the grading system of the school
2. Official Enrollment Certificate issued by Home University
3. Letter of Recommendation
4 Copy of Information Page of Passport
5. Head Photo (JPEG file and follow the passport photo standard)
(All the documents should be written in English or Chinese)
3University Malaya
28 March 202425 Oktober 20231. Passport-size Photograph [3.5cm (w) x 4.5cm(h), White Background]
2. A copy of latest academic transcript (must be in English)
3. A copy of the student's passport (front page with ID)
4. Proof of English Language Proficiency
5. Confirmation Letter issued by home university
Free tuition for two students

for the third students : MYR1,260 + MYR 6,30 : MYR 1,890
4Woosong University
Korea Selatan20 Juni 2024 10 Desember 20231. Passport
2. Transcript
3. Enrollment Certificate
4. English Proficiency
5Istanbul Aydin University (Offline winter course program 2023)Turki15 May 20231 November 2023"1. Copy of passport
2. Latest academic transcript
3. enrollment certificate
4. English Proficiency
5. advisor's approval
6. Foto "
760 USDLink
6Myongji University
Korea Selatan 23 March - 15 May 20231 November - 24 November 2023"Online Application
Passport copy
dentification copy
Guardian (Parental) Consent Form
Recommendation Form
Health Report
Certificate of Enrollment in English
Official Transcript in English
TOPIK, TOEFL, IELTS test report
Bank balance statement of minimum $20,000(for
2 semester exchange students)
Colored ID Photo(JPG)
Copy of Certificate of Travel Insurance purchased
in your home country"
7Gyeongsang National University
Korea Selatan 4 April 202410 Oktober 2023"1) Form A: Application Form (Form Provided)
2) Form B: Dormitory Application Form (Form Provided)
3) Form C: Medical History Form (Form Provided)
4) Form D: Financial Information and Certification of Support (Form Provided)
5) Form E: Permission for the Use of Personal Information (Form Provided)
6) Form F: Study Plan (In English or Korean)
7) Form G: Self-Description (Introduction) (In English or Korean)
8) Form H: Letter of Recommendation from Head of the Dept. or Dean of the

International Office (In English or Korean)

9) Official Academic Transcript (issued by the home institution) (In English or Korean)
※ Graduate students must also submit the official transcript of their undergraduate
academic records.
10) Official Certificate of Enrollment (issued by the home institution)
(In English or Korean)
11) Copy of Passport
12) 3.5*4.5 centimeter size, 2 photos"
9Youngsan University
Korea Selatan 31 May 2023November 18, 2023"1. Incoming Exchange Student Application form
2. Students’ curriculum vitae in English
3. One Recommendation Letter from Home
University Supervisor
4. Academic Transcript in English
5. Certificate of enrollment from home university
6. Copy of Passport
7. 3 recent passport sized photographs
8. Certified Score of English Proficiency"
10Dong a University
Korea Selatan May 15, 20231 Desember 2023"1. Application form(with a photo attached) (pdf)
2. Certification of Enrollment (pdf)
3. Certification of Transcript (pdf)
4. A photocopy of passport (pdf)
5. Proof of English Proficiency for those whose first
language is not English and would like to take
courses in English in DAU
(TOEIC 700 or above, TOEFL iBT 70 or above,
IELTS 5.5 or above)
6. 1 Photo(jpg)
7. Certificate of Insurance(pdf)
*for those who get insurance in his/her own country
8. Certificate of health including Tuberculosis
11Radboud University
Belanda"1. Transcript of Grades
2. Learning Agreement for Study (LAS)
3. Please check out the complete overview of all the exchange courses available.
4.Proof of English
5.Passport size photograph
6.A copy of your passport or ID
12Asia UniversityTaiwan13 Januari 2023
Mengisi google form yang terdapat di link
perhatikan mata kuliah yang ditawarkan
13Asia University Taiwan
1. Copy of Passport
2. Financial support statement from bank within 6 months or organization
3. Nominaton letter by your home university
4. Official transcript in English from your home university
5. Proof of English proficiency for non-native English speakers
6. One ID photo


  • The scheme for providing tuition fees is intended by the deputy dean 1 and with the knowledge of the study program
  • The number of students who can receive free tuition fees is determined in a Memorandum of Understanding or Memorandum of Agreement.

How To Get

The International Exposure Through

FISIP UNDIP International Office

1. Receiving the news

Students read the information on website related to International Exposure / Given information by IO FISIP related to Exchange Opportunity / Students seek information independently of the desired university.

2. Student comes to the study program

Students notify the study program through the IUP coordinator regarding their plans/study program will share the information regarding the international exposure with them

3. Confirming

Students ask for confirmation via whatsapp to Miss Umi Lestari (related to quota availability)

4. Application files

Students prepare the document requirements*

5. Sending E-mail

Students submit the requirements to email

6. Faculty to partner university

IO Faculty will send the nominations to partner universities

7. Students register independently

IO Faculty will send the application files to partner universities/Students can make a registration independently (please confirm to International Office of FISIP)

If You Are Accepted to the Program

  • Students submit the courses that can be converted to study programs**
  • Students prepare to apply for a Visa
  • Students pay the tuition fee and fill out the IRS/study plan according to the direction of the study program ***
  • Students prepare the learning agreement signed by the student concerned, the study program, and host university representatives****

After Returning to Indonesia

Submit a grade conversion from Host University to Universitas Diponegoro *****


To explain the asterisks listed in the points above

* General Required Documents

  • Passport (passport must be active for at least 6 months before the validity period)
  • Transcript of academic grades in English (don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Sumiarni [Phone 081225457589)
  • English Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Duolingo)
  • Certificate enrollment (can be downloaded on the Undip FISIP website [Home– official letters ] and then please send to
  • Passport photo
  • Letter of recommendation from the academic adviser or other

These are general requirements of the International Exposure program. The requirements will be slightly different, so please read the information regarding the partner universities.

***** Terms of converting score from Host University to Universitas Diponegoro

  1. Certificate of completion and Academic Transcript from Host University
  2. Signed learning agreement
  3. The activity report can be seen here
  4. Application letter from Study Program