Excellent! FISIP UNDIP Top 2 for Social and Government Studies in Indonesia Version Edurank 2023


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April 26, 2023

Semarang, Central Java (17/4) – Universitas Diponegoro has once again proven to be a superior and top-ranking university with the success of 2 (two) scientific fields, namely Political and Government Studies and International Relations (HI) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), occupying the 2nd best rank in Indonesia according to Edurank in 2023 published by the ranking agency, on Friday (14/3).

Edurank is an independent international ranking agency in America that measures the performance of universities and faculties around the world. Edurank’s measurement method is based on several factors, such as teaching quality, research, and university profile.

Using a database of 1.24 billion citations from 44.9 million indexed scientific publications, EduRank ranks universities in 13 academic fields with 246 scientific branches. In this ranking, EduRank also added indicators of non-academic advantages and alumni popularity.

In the scope of Social and Government Studies, Undip’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) came in second place with 3,469 publications made and 3,552 citations received. With the main research topics are: Demography, Political Science, Sociology, Communication and Public Relations, Public Policy/Administration.

Undip’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) currently has 5 (five) departments namely Business Administration, Public Administration, International Relations, Communication Science as well as the Politics and Government Studies. It consists of 11 (eleven) study programs, and 2 (two) of them, namely the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Communication Science study programs, have been internationally accredited.

In his interview on Monday (17/4), Dean of FISIP, Dr. Hardi Warsono, M.T. expressed his honor for the achievement. “This international recognition further encourages us to continue to improve the service and quality of education to contribute and provide benefits to society, especially ideas and contributions in governance,” said Hardi. He added that this achievement was the hard work and efforts of all FISIP academic and staff members in supporting Undip to become a superior and top-class research campus.

To support the quality of education and teaching quality, FISIP provides supporting facilities such as comfortable classrooms, libraries, laboratories, comfortable student discussion rooms and other supporting facilities. It also expands its network both nationally and globally.

FISIP Undip graduates are also widely spread and some of them have succeeded in holding strategic positions both in government and in other prestigious institutions. This has further established Undip as a superior and top-class university whose graduates are the first to get a job quickly.(Ut-PR)

Source: undip.ac.id