Exam / Final Project Registration Requirements

  1. Kartu Siap Uji (KSU/Test Ready Card)  > Download
  2. Research Certificate
  3. Maximum Turnitin 20%
  4. TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 400 from SEU Undip (other than SEU must be legalized by BAK Undip, email: baa@gmail.com)
  5. 6 pieces of black and white passport photo size 3×4 (studio print)
  6. Pay off the payment of the Tuition Fee (UKT) in the current semester
  7. Academic transcript signed by Academic Adviser
  8. Have completed the course according to the requirements of the Study Program
  9. Study Plan (IRS) for the current semester
  10. Free of book loan from faculty and university library
  11. Student Identity Card
  12. Personal List
  13. Those files (Softfile) above are sent to the email address: retnoputranti@staff.undip.ac.id
  14. Meanwhile, the hard files are submitted to FISIP UNDIP Academic and Student Affairs Section.