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The following is a list of departments in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro

Department of Public Administration

The Public Administration Program is a leading educational study program in the field of public administration. Its accreditation has been obtained since its establishment until now and is recognized by BANPT. The educational objective of the Public Administration study program is to produce administrators who are able to carry out policy analysis and management responsively for the public interest on an ongoing basis and based on IT.

Department of Politics and Government Studies

The Department of Politics and Government Science is a study program that aims to create trained resources to become government officials and these resources can be met not only from government educational institutions. FISIP UNDIP Government Studies Program has 3 concentrations, namely Government management, Government Behavior and Intermediary Political Power.

Department of Communication Science

The Department of Communication Science was established in 1967 under the name of the Department of Publication. At that time, it was part of the Faculty of Law and Society. The name of the Publication Department was later changed to the Department of Communication Science in 1984. Then in 2007, the Department of Communication Science implemented a curriculum with two concentrations, namely Strategic Communication and Journalism. In 2020, the journalism concentration changed to Multimedia Journalism and Creative Content. The name of concentration in Communication Science is Strategic Communication and Multimedia Journalism, and Creative Materials.

Department of Business Administration

It is a department under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro which has the aim of organizing a business administration learning process that fosters the ability of students to develop creative, innovative ideas and solutions through scientific and ethical processes and approaches. It also aims to produce graduates who are able to take part nationally and internationally with good moral character.

Department of Internatioal Relations

The Department of International Relations at Universitas Diponegoro is a study program that aims to create students who are able to uphold ethics and morals in their personal life, social and scientific fields, as well as to create students who have in-depth knowledge in the field of International Relations with a concentration on international cooperation in dealing with transnational crimes and international crimes.


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