FISIP Undip and PMI to Conduct First Aid Training to Create a Healthy and Safe Campus Environment

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March 26, 2024

Semarang (25/03) – Accidents or health emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, including within the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of Universitas Diponegoro (Undip). To anticipate such events, it is crucial for everyone, especially students, to have basic knowledge of First Aid in case of accidents, commonly referred to as P3K. To fulfil this need, the Healthy Campus Unit of FISIP Undip collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to organize basic First Aid training.

The training, held on March 23, 2023, aimed to provide knowledge and basic skills to students and all academic communities of FISIP Undip in delivering first aid in accidents or other health emergencies. The materials covered handling minor injuries, fractures, and other emergency procedures. One of the main benefits of this Basic First Aid training is to prepare students to be more confident in facing emergencies that may occur within the campus environment. Not only did students gain knowledge about providing first aid, but they also acquired practical skills that can be used in critical situations.

One student representative, Cathlyn, who was from the Communication Science Student Association (HMPS Ilmu Komunikasi) of FISIP Undip, shared her thoughts on this Basic First Aid training. “It’s really exciting to learn from the PMI officers. Starting from learning CPR, how to bandage wounds, to learning the correct evacuation procedures, there’s so much knowledge about Basic First Aid that I gained from today’s training,” said Cathlyn.

Aside from directly benefiting students, this Basic First Aid Training also indirectly contributes positively to the welfare of the FISIP Undip campus environment. With more individuals trained in Basic First Aid, the FISIP Undip campus becomes better prepared to face various emergencies that may occur within the campus environment.

One of the Academic Staff members of FISIP Undip, who was also a member of the Healthy Campus Unit of FISIP Undip, M. Ridwan, strongly agreed with the implementation of this Basic First Aid training. Ridwan expressed that the training teaches various ways to address, execute, and evacuate accident victims, especially within the academic field where many students, lecturers, and educational staff were involved, making it highly necessary.

Moreover, the collaboration between the Healthy Campus Unit of FISIP Undip and PMI in organizing P3K Training was part of efforts to create a safe and healthy campus environment. Furthermore, the Chairperson of the Healthy Campus Unit of FISIP Undip, Anis Qomariah, S.A.B., M.Ling., shared her opinions on this P3K Training. “Through this training, we are provided with knowledge to provide first aid in accordance with applicable procedures and methods. Thus, it is hoped that our assistance will not cause further harm, but rather help the person we assist or the victim to recover faster,” said Anis.

Anis also hoped that the Basic First Aid training could be held annually, considering that students come and go frequently, as well as the FISIP Undip staff who need to be equipped to avoid mishandling victims in emergencies.