ESDP FISIP Undip Socialization: Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit among Students

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February 26, 2024

Semarang (26/02) – The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) successfully organized the Entrepreneurial Student Development Program (ESDP) Socialization on Friday, February 23, 2024. This virtual event aimed to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit among students.

The event, attended by FISIP Undip students, featured two main speakers, namely Anjani Tri Fatharini, S.IP., M.A., and Anis Qomariah, S.AB., M.Ling., moderated by Muhammad Arief Zuliyan, S.IP., LL.M.

In his opening remarks, moderator Muhammad Arief Zuliyan expressed his hope to further enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the FISIP Undip community. He emphasized the importance of student involvement in ESDP to produce graduates who were not only academically proficient but also possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

Additionally, Agus Naryoso, S.Sos., M.Si., Expert Staff to the Vice Dean I of FISIP Undip, provided insights into the positive steps taken by FISIP Undip. In his address, he stressed that the success of ESDP would significantly contribute to the achievement of the Key Performance Indicators (IKU) of the University.

“We hope that this year, the achievements we obtain related to Entrepreneurial Student Program (ESP) and ESDP will surpass those of the previous year,” expressed Agus Naryoso. He also hoped that the speakers, Anjani Tri Fatharini and Anis Qomariah, would inspire and motivate students, urging them not only to excel in academics but also to have the enthusiasm to become entrepreneurs and create positive impacts on society after graduation.

In her presentation, Anjani Tri Fatharini, S.IP., M.A., conveyed the importance of collaboration between students from various departments to enrich their ideas and abilities in developing a business. “So it is very much encouraged to be able to collaborate with other faculties which might be able to help,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Anis Qomariah, S.AB., M.Ling., provided a detailed overview of the procedures and workflow of the ESDP 2024 system, student account registration, and the submission of student proposals and budgets. She also shared tips and tricks for students interested in submitting ESDP proposals. The event concluded with a question and answer session to provide a deeper understanding for participants.

The socialization is expected to provide a more profound understanding for FISIP Undip students regarding ESDP and encourage active participation in the program. With support from faculty members, it is hoped that an increasing number of students will achieve success in the field of entrepreneurship.