Orange’s Prestatif Class: FISIP Undip to Prepare Outstanding Students for National Achievements

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February 19, 2024

Semarang (19/02) – Orange’s Prestatif Class: The Outstanding Student School of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) for the year 2024 officially commenced today and will run until Tuesday (20/02). This event is organized to provide preparation for FISIP Undip students intending to participate in the selection for Pilmapres (Outstanding Student Selection) at both the university and national levels in the future.

The two-day event will feature several expert speakers in their respective fields. On the first day, participants received training in English language skills from S.Rouli Manalu, S.Sos., MCommSt., PhD, a lecturer in Communication Science at FISIP Undip. In addition, Agus Naryoso, S.Sos., M.Si., who is also a lecturer in Communication Science at FISIP Undip, delivered a session on Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques. The final session on the first day covered Creative Idea Writing and was presented by Dr. Nunik Rentno Herawati, S.Sos., M.Si., a lecturer in Political and Government Studies at FISIP Undip.

On the second day, the program will include presentations from other speakers such as Agung Budiatmo, S.Sos., MM., a lecturer in Business Administration at FISIP Undip as well as the Chair of the Pilmapres Committee FISIP Undip 2024, who will provide insights on National Perspectives. Additionally, Mr Athar Raihan Muhammad, a Communication Science student from the class of ’20, will also share motivational insights related to outstanding student achievements.

The event was officially opened by the Dean of FISIP Undip, Dr. Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin. In his address, he expressed that the Outstanding Student School served as a preparatory platform for FISIP Undip students who wished to participate in the Pilmapres selection at the university and national levels. He hoped that this activity would increase the number of FISIP students who successfully passed the selection in the subsequent stages.

In addition to the speakers and participants, Orange’s Prestatif Class: The Outstanding Student School FISIP Undip 2024 was also attended by Agus Naryoso, S.Sos., M.Si., Chair of the Student Creativity Program Unit and Student Achievement of 2024, and Muhammad Razan Alif Siregar, Chair of the Student Executive Board (BEM) FISIP Undip.

Moving forward, it is hoped that this event will be beneficial and effectively prepare FISIP Undip students to face the upcoming Pilmapres selection.