Devina, The Best Graduate of Undip, Proficient in Communication and Self-Development

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November 30, 2023

“The four-year journey of studying at Universitas Diponegoro was like navigating through the pages of a map guiding me to explore the complexity of knowledge and social dynamics. Throughout this journey, I not only acquired knowledge but also cherished moments, built strong relationships and seized new opportunities. Studying at Undip wasn’t just about obtaining a degree but a colourful journey that shaped me into the best version of myself.”

The aforementioned statement is the impression of the Best Graduate of the Communication Science Program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) with a GPA of 3.91, Devina Meidy Fidelia Putri Pangudi. During her time at Undip, she was an active student involved in several campus and youth organizations, excelling in Public Speaking competitions that subsequently led her to various valuable experiences.

Devina was an Outstanding Student of FISIP in 2021-2022, receiving four scholarships from Leads Indonesia, Event Hunter Indonesia, Bank Indonesia (GENBI), and Bintang Mandiri MAI Institute. Besides her academic achievements, she actively participated in organizations like Generasi Baru Indonesia (GenBI) Undip as the Vice Chair of Public Relations from 2022 to the present. In 2020, she served as the Chairperson of the Diponegoro MUN Society. Devina was also an active speaker, sharing tips and tricks in Public Speaking and Self-Development. She was frequently invited to speak at various events, including the Youth Leader Summit StudentsxCEO and Self-Development Session Ruang Peduli by Ruang Guru. Moreover, she became the Champion of the Inspirational National Student Ambassador of Indonesia for South Kalimantan and the Best Speaker in 2021. Devina achieved the Runner-Up position in the National English Speech Competition SAEED and First Place in the National English Speech Competition SECTION Unsoed in 2021, among numerous other accomplishments. Alongside her studies, Devina found time to develop her skills and worked as a Digital Content Creator at Kobi Education.

“One of the most significant life lessons I’ve learned during my college years, and I deeply appreciate, is understanding the importance of balancing education and organizational involvement. I realized that success isn’t solely determined by academic knowledge but also by the ability to apply and test that knowledge while understanding the dynamics in preparation for real-world challenges. So, it’s not just about being a smart book; it’s about being street-smart too! Keep that balance, and you’ll be the MVP in both arenas!” concluded Devina. (Sudanta – Undip Public Relations)