On-Site Visit for FIBAA International Accreditation at FISIP Undip

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September 18, 2023

Semarang (18/09) – The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) proudly welcomed the on-site visit for international accreditation assessment by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). This assessment, spanning two days on Wednesday and Thursday, September 13 and 14, 2023, marks a historic milestone for FISIP Undip, which has undergone an extensive preparation journey to attain international recognition for the quality of its education.

Four study programs at FISIP Undip are participating in this international accreditation assessment. These programs include the Bachelor of Government Studies, Bachelor of Public Administration, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Political Science. The accreditation visit involved various activities, including interviews with faculty leaders, program management, lecturers, administrative staff, alumni, and students. FIBAA’s assessors also conducted a tour of the Faculty to gain a comprehensive understanding of the facilities and services provided by FISIP Undip.

This international accreditation process is a tangible demonstration of FISIP Undip’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of its education in accordance with international standards. It also presents an opportunity for the Faculty to expand its international network and increase the competitiveness of its graduates in the global job market.

Furthermore, FISIP Undip has plans to pursue international accreditation for two other study programs in the upcoming October. These programs, undergoing international accreditation assessment by FIBAA, are the Master of Communication Science and the Doctor of Social Science programs.

The international accreditation assessment visit by FIBAA represents a significant step forward, showcasing FISIP Undip’s dedication to improving the quality of education and preparing students to become high-quality future leaders who can compete on a global scale. FISIP Undip hopes that the results of this accreditation will bring further achievements and recognition to the Faculty and provide significant benefits to all stakeholders involved.

The success of FISIP Undip’s international accreditation by FIBAA is anticipated, and it is expected to contribute significantly to the advancement of higher education in Indonesia.