A Guest Lecturer by Department of Business Administration, Becoming a Creative and Innovative Young Entrepreneur in the Era of Society 5.0

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September 1, 2023

The Guest Lecturer “Becoming a Creative and Innovative Young Entrepreneur in the Era of Society 5.0” by the Department of Business Administration is an event that addresses significant issues in the current world of business and technology. In the era of Society 5.0, where digital and physical technologies are seamlessly integrated to enhance the quality of human life, being a young entrepreneur who is creative and innovative plays a crucial role.
This lecture will delve into various aspects necessary for building and developing successful new businesses in the midst of this era characterized by constant change and opportunities. Experienced guest lecturers will share insights on how to identify relevant business opportunities, design innovative strategies, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and understand the dynamics of emerging markets.
Through this lecture, participants are expected to develop a deeper understanding of the key concepts involved in entrepreneurship in the Society 5.0 era. They will gain valuable insights into how to adapt to evolving technology and market demands while maintaining a spirit of creativity and innovation in their business endeavors.