A Studium Generale of Graduate School of FISIP Undip, Towards Golden Indonesia of 2045 in Technocratic and Political Perspectives

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August 31, 2023

The Studium Generale of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro, with the theme “Towards Golden Indonesia of 2045 in Technocratic and Political Perspectives,” is an academic event aimed at delving into Indonesia’s journey towards the year 2045 by integrating technocratic and political approaches. In this public lecture, speakers and participants will analyze the challenges and opportunities faced by Indonesia in achieving the “Indonesia Emas” status by 2045.
From a technocratic aspect, factors such as infrastructure development and sustainable economic growth will be considered. In-depth analysis of key sectors will be the focus in formulating strategies to achieve national goals.
Meanwhile, from a political perspective, this public lecture will discuss the roles of government, political institutions, and societal participation in directing the changes towards 2045. Discussions about political stability, good governance, and public engagement will help comprehend how political factors can shape the direction and sustainability of Indonesia in its golden vision.
By integrating these two approaches, this public lecture aims to provide participants with profound insights into the complexity of the journey towards Golden Indonesia of 2045. Through a holistic understanding of technocratic and political challenges, it is hoped that innovative ideas and sustainable solutions will be generated to help realize Indonesia’s grand vision for a splendid future.