Collaboration between FISIP Undip and Bappenas RI: FGD on Institutional Governance of Higher Education in Supporting National Development Planning

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August 24, 2023

Semarang (08/24) – The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip), in collaboration with the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), has successfully organized a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) on the Institutional Governance of Higher Education in Supporting National Development Planning. The event took place in the Sidang Senat Room of Building A, 2nd Floor, FISIP Undip, Tembalang, on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

The theme addressed in this FGD was the pivotal role of higher education institutions as development agents within the context of national development planning. The objective of this activity was to gain deeper insights into how universities can effectively contribute to the planning and implementation of national development, as well as the strategies for transforming universities to cultivate quality Human Resources (HR) that support Indonesia’s vision for a Golden Indonesia by 2045.

Several prominent figures attended the event, including Prof. Dr. Hardi Warsono, MT., Dean of FISIP Undip, Dr. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol., Admin., Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs of FISIP Undip, Ika Riswanti Putranti, S.H., M.H., Ph.D., Vice Dean for Resources of FISIP Undip, along with representatives of lecturers from various Departments and Study Programs within FISIP Undip. Additionally, esteemed guests were also present, including Priyanto Rohmattullah, SE, MA, Director of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Transformation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, M.M., Director of the Learning Center at BINUS University, and Prof. DR. Agr. Sc. Hagus Tarno, SP., MP., Director of the Center for South-South Cooperation Studies at Brawijaya University. The study’s institutional framework development team from Brawijaya University and representatives from Bappenas Work Units were also in attendance.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Hardi Warsono, MT., Dean of FISIP Undip, emphasized that beyond their educational responsibilities, universities also played a crucial role in national development. “Today, this noble task comes together with Bappenas. Universities are expected to contribute to development planning,” stated Prof. Hardi. He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to FISIP Undip to host this FGD event.

Priyanto Rohmattullah, Director of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Transformation, delivered a presentation highlighting that the purpose of this activity was to gather input regarding the strategic role of universities in the national development planning process. Moreover, the discussion also covered transformation strategies for universities to foster outstanding HR, thereby realizing the vision of Indonesia as a Golden Indonesia by 2045.

The FGD concluded with a spirit of collaboration and commitment to position universities as a key pillar in supporting national development planning and execution. It is hoped that the outcomes of this discussion will provide a broader perspective on the potential and tangible contributions of universities in advancing Indonesia towards a splendid future.