UNESCO Youth as Researchers – Tanoto Student Research Awards (YAR-TSRA)

Posted by Masykur

August 12, 2023

The YAR-TSRA (Youth as Researchers – Tanoto Student Research Awards) is a training and mentoring initiative that provides support for the younger generation to design and conduct social research under the auspices of UNESCO and the Tanoto Foundation. This program encompasses training and guidance in research methodologies, academic writing, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. The primary objective of this endeavor is to create a space for the youth to voice their opinions and experiences on contemporary issues through the production of inclusive knowledge. The research outcomes produced by the participants will be presented to policymakers and relevant stakeholders, facilitated by both UNESCO and the Tanoto Foundation.
The research themes on offer are as follows:
1. Civil participation
2. Climate action
3. Digital transformation
4. Inclusive education
5. Healthcare services
Participant Requirements:
1. Enrollment as a second or third-year student at Universitas Diponegoro.
2. Proficiency in effective written and spoken English communication.
3. A leader within their respective communities.
4. A keen interest and enthusiasm for addressing social issues.
5. Prior experience in conducting social research.
6. Involvement in youth organizations.
Registration can be completed through the following link: https://bit.ly/YAR-TSRA2023