Improving Journal Writing Skills and International Grant Proposals with Visiting Professor of the Department of Politics and Government Studies

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July 24, 2023

Semarang (24/7) – In order to support Undip’s vision of becoming a world class university, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP UNDIP) always plays an active role by improving academic quality. One of the activities that can improve the quality of education is by inviting professors from foreign universities in academic activities such as Visiting Professor activities that involve students and lecturers. In this Visiting Professor activity, FISIP Undip invited Professor Ward Berenschot who is a Professor of Comparative Political Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and a senior researcher at KITLV Leiden.

The Visiting Professor activity was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Prof. Hardi Warsono, M.T, Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin, Chair of the Department of Politics and Government Studies Fisip Undip, Dr. Nur Hidayat Sardini, M.Si, lecturers, and students.

The Dean of FISIP Undip in his speech said that the presence of Prof. Ward Berenschot from KITLV / University of Amsterdam, Netherlands was expected to further support the vision of the faculty and university to have World Class quality. In addition, the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin also highlighted the urgency of significant research and publications at the university level. He also strongly supports this activity, especially in relation to improving the quality of research and publications which are the most important indicators at the university level and the ministry of higher education.

Furthermore, Prof. Ward Berenschot in his presentation of material conveyed tips and tricks in breaking through reputable international journals and writing international research grant proposals. He mentioned several things that need to be considered in writing scientific journals and publications such as journal requirements, the number of words used, research material that is conveyed explicitly and clearly, the novelty of knowledge, the use of clear methods, interesting material, the use of theory, abstract elements, and writing style.

The series of Visiting Professor activities with Prof. Ward Berenschot is planned to take place from Tuesday to Monday, July 25-28, 2023 with the agenda of manuscript review of international journal articles.