Benchmarking FISIP Undip ke Goethe University Frankfurt, Jerman, Belajar Tata kelola Perguruan Tinggi

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June 28, 2023

On June 22 2023, the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Drs. Hardi Warsono, M.T, along with several other colleagues, made a visit to Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, to conduct benchmarking related to higher education governance. The purpose of this visit is to identify best practices, identify performance gaps, and look for improvement opportunities to improve efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in university management.

During the visit, several things were focused on, including expanding connectivity and increasing understanding of university management, such as quality control systems, research, finance, human resources, student affairs, and international programs. The Undip FISIP team was warmly welcomed by Prof. Arndt Graf, Chair of the Southeast Asian Studies Department, as well as several other lecturers and staff at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Some of the points that are of concern to FISIP Undip in this benchmarking are the management of educational staff, employee welfare, business development, and providing incentives for lecturers who conduct research and publish in reputable journals.

In the academic field, Undip FISIP is also interested in learning more about managing international classes, including curriculum structure, learning systems, and efforts to attract students from abroad. All these efforts are part of the mission to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation with Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. It is hoped that this benchmarking activity will help FISIP UNDIP to adapt a work culture that is able to create effective, innovative and competitive academic achievements. Thus, it is hoped that FISIP UNDIP can collaborate with several other universities in various countries.