Junior Computer Operator Certification: Improving Young Generation’s Digital Skills

Posted by FISIP

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May 30, 2023

Semarang, (30/5)- In the era of information technology that continues to grow rapidly, computer skills are very important. The ability to operate computers effectively and efficiently is an important asset in the world of work and everyday life. This Junior Computer Operator Certification is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation so they can master the basics of computing and improve their skills in using computer hardware and software.

On May 20, 2023 Junior Computer Operator Certification was held by the Department of Business Administration in collaboration with Campus Digital, a partner institution that provides training. The enthusiasm of the participants was evident the event was attended by 128 participants. Junior Computer Operator Certification aims to provide opportunities for young people to improve their digital skills and obtain official certificates for their ability to operate computers.

During the certification event, participants are given intensive training by experienced mentors. They are taught about basic computer operations, including the use of operating systems, data processing, and the use of general application software such as worksheets and presentation processing programs.The participants showed high enthusiasm and enthusiasm in participating in this training. They diligently engage in hands-on practical sessions involving real-life tasks normally encountered in a work environment. Experienced mentors provide individual guidance to participants to ensure a good understanding of the material being taught.

After completing the training, participants take a certification exam to test their understanding of the concepts and applications they have learned. This exam involves practical practice regarding the material that has been given. Participants who successfully pass the certification with satisfactory results will receive an official certificate from the organizers which recognizes their abilities as young computer operators.

This Junior Computer Operator Certification provides significant benefits for the participants. Not only improving their technical skills, but also gaining official recognition which can increase their confidence in the world of work. This certificate can be a competitive advantage when applying for jobs in the world of work later.