Dissemination of Technical Guidelines for Village Tourism Exhibition and the Creation of “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” (Boyolali Rich in Stories) Book

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April 13, 2023

Boyolali (23/09/2022) – Boyolali is one of the districts in Central Java with village tourism potential. A village tourism is a form of integration between a potential of natural attractions, cultural tourism, and man-made tourism in a certain area supported by attractions, accommodation, and other facilities according to the local wisdom of the community. Based on the latest data in Boyolali Regent Decree Number 556/315 of 2022, the number of village tourism in Boyolali Regency is 45 villages. The Boyolali Regency Government through the Boyolali Regency Youth, Sports and Tourism Office is constantly working to develop the potential of the village tourism. This includes organizing a Village Tourism Exihibition and the creation of “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” book.

The socialization of the Village Tourism Exhibition and the creation of “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” book was conducted on Friday, September 23, 2022. Located at the Lor Square of Boyolali Regency, the socialization was carried out by the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office along with the Archives and Library Office and attended by representatives of 45 villages in Boyolali. This activity aimed to socialize the technical guidelines for the village tourism exhibition and the creation of the “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” book. The Village Tourism Exhibition is a manifestation of the spirit of village tourism revival in Boyolali Regency. Through this activity, the best village tourism will be determined based on existing criteria, such as tourist attractions, infrastructure, institutional/secretariat, and CHSE standards. The series of activities of the Village Tourism Exhibition itself will be held from October 1, starting with an administrative assessment until the grand finale on November 2, 2022. Meanwhile, related to the village tourism, BP3D, Disdikbud, Dinarpus, and Disporapar are working together to compose a book that raises local stories from villages in Boyolali entitled “Boyolali Kaya Cerita”. The book will involve teachers as writers and aims to increase the attractiveness of tourism destinations and to enhance literacy for the community.

Through the socialization of the Village Tourism Exhibition and the creation of the “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” book, it is hoped to increase the understanding of policy target groups in the development of village tourism through various existing programs. This is because tourism villages have an important role in promoting community welfare, equalizing business opportunities and employment, optimizing economic potential and regional characteristics, as well as protecting cultural values, religion, customs, and preserving nature.

Reporter: Wahyu Maulana Ramadhan (14020119140134)

Source: admpublik.fisip.undip.ac.id