IKA FISIP Undip Golf Tournament to Build Strong Synergy among the Alma Mater, Golfer & Industry

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March 20, 2023

Despite being fairly new in golf, IKA FISIP Undip is determined to produce reliable golfers from its alma mater.

The Golf Tournament of the Alumni Family Association of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro (IKA FISIP Undip) was held at Senayan Golf Club on Sunday (19/3).

115 participants took part in the tournament which started at 06:45 GMT+7. Dean of FISIP Undip, Hardi Warsono, who attended the tournament, responded favourably to the golf event held by IKA FISIP Undip since the proceeds contributed to student scholarships.

“For several years, scholarships have been provided by IKA FISIP Undip. About 40 students received the benefits of IKA FISIP Undip’s scholarship program, one of which synergized with the implementation of a golf tournament,” said Hardi. According to him, this kind of activity not only provided benefits in the form of scholarships, but donations from alumni also contributed to campus facilities and infrastructure such as coworking spaces.

Chairperson of IKA FISIP Undip, Masrokhan Sulaiman

Dean of FISIP Undip, Dr. Hardi Warsono, MT

Meanwhile, the Chairman of IKA FISIP Undip, Masrokhan Sulaiman said that this tournament aimed to build a very strong synergy between FISIP Undip alumni, alma mater, entrepreneurs, and golfers.

“We want to build a very strong synergy between FISIP Undip alumni and FISIP Undip alma mater, then stakeholders including industrialists and golfers,” said Masrokhan who is also the Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry.

Masrokhan admitted that although IKA FISIP Undip was fairly new to golf, he encouraged Undip’s new students to join in learning golf.

“We will help to facilitate. Even if there are FISIP Undip students who want to attend the IKA FISIP Undip tournament, we will certainly give them a pass,” Masrokhan added.

Chairperson of Ika Fisip Undip, Masrokan Sulaiman, SSos., MPA and Dean of FISIP UNDIP, Dr. Hardi Warsono, MT.

According to him, IKA FISIP Undip synergized with Dipenogoro Golf Community to develop golfers on campus.

This tournament offered some interesting prizes, such as 4 units of fancy cars for a hole-in-one, a lucky draw in the form of household appliances, golf apparel, big-screen LCD TVs, and others. The grand lucky draw prize was tantalizing, which was 2 units of motorcycle (electric motorcycle and scooter).

Source: golfjoy.co.id