UNDIP to Assist Batang Regency in Transforming Towards Industrial Society through KKN Activities

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February 14, 2023

Universitas Diponegoro, Batang Regency – Before the end of the Community Service Program (KKN), Universitas Diponegoro students who participated in the KKN in Batang Regency, Central Java, presented the results of their work program during the KKN activity. The presentation held at the Undip PSDKU campus, Batang on Wednesday morning (8/2/2023) was a form of progress report and evaluation of KKN activities. Each KKN team in the Bandar sub-district, Pecalungan sub-district, and Wonotunggal sub-district delivered excellent programs that they had and were running. These excellent programs are solutions, which are compiled based on field surveys and mapping of problems in each KKN location.

According to Undip’s Vice-Rector for Communication and Business, Prof. Budi Setiyono, M.Pol.Admin., PhD, KKN was Undip’s concrete form of assisting the people of Batang Regency to transform from an agrarian to an industrial area.

“Undip always tries to get closer to the community. The KKN program is one of the concrete forms of Undip mingling with the community, assisting Batang Regency to transform from an agrarian area to an industrial area,” explained Prof. Budi when delivering his remarks.

Therefore, the KKN programs prepared and implemented by KKN students are programs that are really needed by the local community. Furthermore, Prof. Budi hoped that the assistance from Undip students can help the community in the KKN area to make behavioural adjustments faster, and improve competence in the fields of education, technology, health and so on. Thus, they are better prepared and have high competitiveness when entering the industrial era.

The excellent programs of KKN students initiated by the Bandar sub-district KKN team include mapping the distribution of children who are indicated to be stunted, utilizing cigarette butts into natural pesticides, procuring floating trash bins and mentoring programs and introducing Rain Water Harvesting systems for water reserves. Meanwhile, the Pecalungan sub-district KKN team has educational innovation programs such as making illustrated short stories with heroic themes to spark children’s interest in reading, utilizing livestock waste for maggot cultivation (fly larvae), utilizing household organic waste through the eco-enzyme process and a number of other excellent programs that are arranged using the cultural, social, natural and technological elements approach. Meanwhile, the Wonotunggal sub-district KKN team has an educational program to design an ideal and comfortable village hall concept in a tropical architectural style, and design a sustainable clean water system for a freshwater fish farming program.

In addition to the Vice Rector of Communication and Business along with the LPPM Undip delegation, there were also a number of local officials such as the Head of Village, Sub-District Head, representatives from Bappeda, and KKN assisting lecturers during the KKN visit to Batang Regency. (Hariyani)


Source: undip.ac.id