Evaluation of KIP Kuliah and Bidikmisi Scholarships for Even Semester 2022

Posted by En_Admin

February 6, 2023

Due to the Regulation of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Number 10 of 2022 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of the Higher Education Indonesia Pintar Program, Universities must conduct evaluations for Higher Education PIP recipients every semester, therefore students receiving scholarships:

  1. Bidikmisi Profesi of 2017
  2. Bidikmisi Profesi of 2018
  3. Bidikmisi of 2019
  4. KIP Kuliah of 2020
  5. KIP Kuliah of 2021
  6. KIP Kuliah of 2022

are required to submit evaluation data on the https://forms.office.com/r/x8RSJtsSpn page by February 8, 2023.


Source: undip.ac.id