UKM KJ UNDIP to Win the First Place at PEKSIMINAS 2022 in Arable Dance Category

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November 1, 2022

Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional (PEKSIMINAS/The XVI National Student Art Week) was held at Universitas Brawijaya, Malang for four days from October 25 to 28, 2022. In this event, Badan Pembina Seni Mahasiswa Indonesia (BPSMI/Central Java Indonesian Student Art Development Board) won 11 championship titles in almost all competition categories with 5 wins as First Place, 2 wins as Second Place, 2 wins as Third Place, and 1 wins as First Consolation Prize Winner. Those achievements made BPSMI Central Java the General Champion of the 2022 PEKSIMINAS event.

Universitas Diponegoro students who were members of the Javanese Arts Student Activity Unit (UKM KJ) had donated 1 Gold Medal for the Tari Garapan (Arable Dance), beating 25 other participants in the XVI PEKSIMINAS, surpassing the performances of the Universitas Negeri Malang Team and ISI Denpasar. Appearing at number 17, UKM KJ Undip performed flawlessly, stunning the entire Jury and participants who packed GOR Pertamina Unibraw Malang on Thursday night, October 27, 2022.

The dancers consisted of: Annisa Fatikhah Wahyu Putri (FPSi), Azahra Michelia Alba Amaramala (FEB), Dinda Norrahmawati (FEB), Eliya Nur Safitri (FIB), Salsabila Eva Halena (FISIP), Musicians consisted of: Bagus Pancoko (FSM), Devivin Ariana Nurfaizah (FSM), Mahsa Wahyu Adistri (FISIP), Wisnu Dewantoro (FT), Yoga Detya Waskitha (SV), and Choreographer Ajeng Sekar Pratiwi (FPP), as well as the Official Team consisting of Zuliansyah Anjar Zulfikar (FISIP), Fendardi Yudha Pratama (FISIP) and Syahrin Apikta (FPSi) have succeeded in putting Universitas Diponegoro in the spotlight at the National event.

With extraordinary struggles and never giving up, the UKM-KJ Undip Team is always enthusiastic about participating in the Training Center process at UNS Solo, the preliminary round at PEKSIMIDA Central Java, and the final at PEKSIMINAS Unibraw Malang has completed its task and at the same time produced an honourable achievement.