Saber Pungli to Maintain Environmental Sustainability and Beauty

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October 25, 2022

BEM FISIP Undip while cleaning the beach

Semarang, October 23, 2022 – To raise the sensitivity and concern of FISIP Undip students towards nature and existing environmental issues, the Community Service Division of FISIP Undip Student Executive Board (BEM) again held a Sapu Bersih, Pungut, agar Lingkungan Asri can be abbreviated as Saber Pungli. This activity took place on Saturday, October 22, 2022 and was held at Tirang Beach, Tugu District, Semarang City, Central Java.

Saber Pungli is a work program that has been carried out by the Community Service Division of BEM FISIP Undip since the last two years. There are several objectives of Saber Pungli which were explained by Tika Tri Hartatik as the chief executive of this year’s Saber Pungli, which are to create a comfortable, green and clean beach environment from garbage; support the efforts to increase the potential of the beach as a tourist destination; and is a manifestation of the responsibility of the Community Service Division in the effort to preserve and protect the environment.

Sea pine planting process

Tirang Beach was chosen as the place to hold Saber Pungli because it is one of the beaches in Semarang that still needs more attention regarding environmental cleanliness, especially for the problem of waste. This year’s Saber Pungli is a little different from the previous year. In addition to beach cleaning, sea pine planting activities are also carried out on the coast. Planting this sea pine aims to start the reforestation process in the green zone of Tirang Beach which is still lacking.

This program is carried out to give contributing in creating comfortable, flourishing and clean beach conditions. Eventually, these efforts are expected to support and develop the potential of Tirang Beach as a tourist destination.

Saber Pungli was successfully carried out through approximately one month’s preparation, starting from composing the proposals, submitting cooperation letters and permits, to other preparations. One of the proposals submitted to several agencies succeeded in cooperating with the Central Java Energy and Mineral Resources Office and getting support in the form of funding for the Saber Pungli program to run well. Moreover, the Community Service Division of BEM FISIP Undip is also collaborating with the Semarang City Environment Service to procure sea pine seedlings and to borrow trucks to transport waste.

Group photo session

Participants who attended the Saber Pungli activity last Saturday were not only from the Community Service Circle Forum, but were also attended by several FISIP Undip students from other BEM members along with representatives from each department. Tika stated that the Saber Pungli activity and other future activities were expected to be more open to the public so that more participants would take part in this positive activity and get the benefits.

According to Tika, this kind of activity was important for students or the younger generation who had the responsibility to contribute to preserving the environment. So, with the existence of Saber Pungli, it was hoped that it could increase sensitivity and concern for others regarding existing environmental problems and try to help find the right solution to overcome them.

Syifa Raihana by PR of BEM FISIP Undip 2022