HMPS Public Administration to Hold Publikimse 2022, Energy Transition In G20 Presidency: Creating a Sustainable Environment by Strengthening Global Energy

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October 25, 2022

Semarang (25/10) – Public Administration Student Association (HMPS S1 Administrasi Publik) of Social and Political Sciences Faculty, Universitas Diponegoro has just held a Studium Generale of Publikisme 2022 with the theme “Energy Transition in the G20 Presidency: Creating a Sustainable Environment by Strengthening Global Energy”. Publikisme itself is an annual academic tradition by HMPS S1 Administrasi Publik FISIP Undip which is arranged in a series of events that include a Studium Generale, Competitions for High Schools and Public Administration Students throughout Indonesia. The Studium Generale activity took place on Saturday, October 22, 2022, and was carried out hybrid through Zoom meetings and offline in the Auditorium 3rd-floor Building A FISIP Undip Tembalang. This studium generale of Publikisme was attended by the Dean of FISIP Undip, Drs. Hardi Warsono, M.T, Vice Dean for Resources, Ika Riswanti Putranti, S.H., M.H., Ph.D, and Chairperson of the Bachelor of Public Administration Study Program, Dra. Maesaroh, M.Si. This activity also presented several speakers such as Dr. Ir Sujarwanto Dwiyatmoko, M.Si (Head of the Central Java Province Energy and Resources Office) who represented the Governor of Central Java, Dr. Ir As Natio Lasman (Member of the National Energy Council), and Hartuti Purnaweni, MPA (Environmental Policy Expert/FISIP Undip Public Administration Lecturer).

In his speech, the Dean of FISIP Undip said that the selection of this year’s theme of Publikisme took into account the urgency of environmental and energy issues which had become global issues. This energy transition focused on energy security, energy access and efficiency and the energy transition to low-carbon energy systems, including investment and innovation in cleaner and more efficient technologies that led to our energy sovereignty. In addition, he also explained about the G20 Presidency which was held to discuss world economic recovery. According to him, the G20 must be the engine of ecosystem development that encouraged collaboration and innovation. He also advised students as the nation’s golden generation to contribute actively to meeting the success of the G20 Presidency’s goals by taking positive benefits from the studium generale activities.

“Today’s and future students have a big role as agents of change in moving change for the better and providing practical solutions through innovative ideas and works,” concluded the Dean of FISIP Undip at the end of his speech.