Gazebo by Ika FISIP Undip to Improve the Aesthetics of Fisip Undip Area

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August 31, 2022

Semarang, August 21, 2022 – Division of Organizational and Human Resource Development of the 2022 FISIP Undip Student Executive Board recently held the Diponegoro Youth Orientation activity, Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Universitas Diponegoro or what was also known as ODM FISIP Undip 2022 on Saturday (21/8). This activity was the culmination of the entire series of Campus Orientation for New Students (PKKMB) and the 2022 FISIP Undip Character Building (Pendikar). These activities were carried out offline at the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Universitas Diponegoro.

The ODM FISIP Undip 2022 event began with remarks from the Chairman of the Undip FISIP ODM, Zayn Delisha Fitrana which was followed by remarks from the Head of the 2022 FISIP Undip Student Executive Board, Abednogo Briantama, the Vice Dean I of FISIP Undip, Dr.Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin, and remarks from IKA FISIP Undip. The event started with a Musical Drama, Study Program Presentation, Oration by Ormawa or Student Organizations, Demas Session, and the Inauguration of the Gazebo Facility. The Gazebo was a donation from IKA FISIP Undip. The event ended with a talk show introducing FISIP Undip alumni by IKA FISIP Undip Management

The Chairperson of IKA FISIP Undip, Drs. Masrokhan Sulaiman, CGCAE, in his speech explained that the Gazebo facility from IKA FISIP Undip aimed to provide an adequate place for students to gather and discuss after their classes, as well as to add aesthetics and beauty to the Undip FISIP environment. In line with Masrokhan, Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs FISIP Undip, Dr. Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin., said that students must be active and have positive activities during their studies.

“One of the positive activities is having a discussion, so we, the Executive Board of the Faculty, would like to express our deepest gratitude to the alumni under the leadership of Mas Masrokhan for their contribution to our beloved alma mater. Hopefully, with the help of these five gazebos, we can improve the quality and achievements of FISIP Undip students,” said the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs of FISIP Undip.