Back to School, It’s A Wrap for FISIP Undip New Students Campus Orientation

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August 26, 2022

New students of the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science while carrying out the New Student Entrance Ceremony

Semarang – New Students’ Campus Orientation or PKKMB is a means to prepare new students in the transition process to become mature and independent people. Unlike the previous two years, this year’s PKKMB FISIP Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) was held offline.

The theme for this year’s PKKMB FISIP Undip was Socio-culture enhancement which aimed to shape the character of FISIP new students who had high concern in upholding or revitalizing student roles, especially in the social and cultural fields which previously experienced limitations due to the pandemic. Covid-19.

The PKKMB FISIP Undip activity was held on Monday (15/8) starting at 08.00 GMT+7. This activity was attended by around 1,053 students from the undergraduate level. The event began with the opening by the MC and continued with singing the Indonesia Raya anthem. Then, it was continued with the remarks by the Vice Dean I of FISIP Undip, Dr. Teguh Yuwono M. Pol. Admin. Teguh delivered the opening remarks and an official statement of acceptance. In addition, he also introduced structural officials of the Faculty, Departments, and Study Programs.


Vice Dean I of  FISIP UNDIP, Dr. Teguh Yuwono M.Pol.Admin, while giving a speech

In the midst of the rampant hazing phenomenon, one thing to emphasize in the 2022 FISIP Undip PKKMB was that FISIP was anti-hazing as stated by Abednego Briantama, the Chairperson of the 2022 Undip FISIP Student Executive Board.

“FISIP is an intellectual, academic campus that strongly rejects all forms of hazing. Always remember that now you have officially become an independent individual with the title ‘mahasiswa’ (great student) attached to you. However, this independence is a double-edged sword for you, whether it will be actualized in the form of usefulness or plunged into the estuary of regret. Always remember, the big orange house behind this and Tembalang will be a place to grow and explore yourself towards usefulness, “said Abednego Briantama.

This year’s PKKMB FISIP series was certainly conceptualized differently from last year’s. In contrast to 2020 and 2021, the 2022 PKKMB FISIP ended up with the FISIP Undip Young Diponegoro Orientation activity. The Young Diponegoro Orientation or commonly known as “ODM” was back to enliven the FISIP PKKMB series this year.

FISIP UNDIP stakeholders said that ODM FISIP Undip itself was a means to instil Adaptive, Loyalty values that could be applied ​​by new students.

In this activity, new students were introduced to Universitas Diponegoro campus life as the first step to start looking for or exploring the potential within themselves to be used as a source of self-actualization and develop a positive self-character.

“The feeling of joy and anxiety was felt not only by the new students but also by the entire committee and senior students who had returned to the world of offline learning. Although the FISIP ODM is the closing event of a series of PKKMB and Pendikar events, it is hoped that this FISIP ODM can be a good opening for activities that will be carried out further at Undip FISIP,” said Zayn Delisha as Chairperson of ODM FISIP Undip 2022.

This activity had been carried out and run successfully by the collaboration between the new students of Universitas Diponegoro and the administrators. The existence of the FISIP Undip Young Diponegoro Orientation event was expected to be beneficial for all parties.

Karina Octavia and Siti Neisya Rahma Isyak by PR of FISIP Undip 2022 Student Executive Board