Ahmad Atsqal Asqalani, UNDIP Student Won the First Place in 2022 Taekwondo Baladhika Cup

Posted by Inayah

August 19, 2022

“My memorable experience while studying at Universitas Diponegoro was that I felt a great sense of kinship among my friends, starting from the first time I entered college until now. As a student who passed the Selection for Excellent Prospective Student with Achievement, I feel proudly welcomed by Undip. During my study, I also learn many important lessons that I should use as a reference so that I can become a better student in the future,” said Ahmad Atsqal Asqalani, a student of the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science Undip majoring in Communication Science, the first winner in the 2022 Taekwondo Baladhika Cup event.

“Besides studying, my daily activities cannot be separated from my obligation as an athlete to carry out training programs. In addition to that, it also helps my parents’ work in the catering sector,” he continued.

Ahmad had participated in many Taekwondo championships starting from the provincial to national levels, including the 2021 Ugm Taekwondo Championship (Bronze Medal), South Sulawesi Pre Porprov Tae Kwon Do Competition 2021 (Silver Medal), Virtual National Police Cup 3 2021 (Gold Medal), Poso Open Tournament Taekwondo 2022 (Gold Medal), Taekwondo Open Tournament Governor of Sul-Sel Cup 2022 (Silver Medal), Taekwondo Baladhika Cup 2022 (Gold Medal), and Central Celebes Open Tournament 3 2022 (Bronze Medal).

“Education is a process to develop our potential so that we become human beings who believe and fear God Almighty, have a noble character, are healthy, knowledgeable, creative, independent and become useful human beings for others. Besides, we can also be active in organizations because it is a way that can improve our skills as humans in social life,” he concluded. (Lin-PR)


Source: undip.ac.id