2022 Cendekia BAZNAS

Posted by En_Admin

August 5, 2022

We hereby inform that BAZNAS Scholarship Institution offers the 2022 Cendekia Baznas Scholarship (BCB).

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Active Students
  2. Semester 5
  3. Bachelor’s degree/D4
  4. Having achievement/Business/active in an organization
  5. Moslem
  6. Coming from lower-income household
  7. Statement letter
  8. Letter of recommendation
  9. Essai with a theme, “my contribution to be the zakat generation”

Students who meet the requirements and are interested to the program can register via the page https://beasiswa.undip.ac.id/ and https://bit.ly/bcbdn2022-pendaftaran no later than Agustus 5, 2022 at16.00 GMT+7.

Technical Guidance of 2022 BCB DN

Statement Letter

Recomendation Letter from Public Official


Source: bak.undip.ac.id