Verification Of Kip Kuliah Scholarship of the 2022 SBMPTN Line

Posted by Inayah

June 23, 2022

Prospective recipients of the 2022 SBMPTN KIP Kuliah Scholarship who already have a Single Sign On (SSO) account are required to upload the scholarship verification file with the following conditions:

  1. Prospective scholarship recipients login to SSO (
  2. Choose the Scholarship / Beasiswa menu (
  3. Choose beasiswa KIP Kuliah Jalur SBMPTN (the KIP scholarship for SBMPTN Line)
  4. Fill out the data and upload the following files:
  5. KIP Kuliah 2022 registration card
  6. A valid KIP/KKS/KIS card issued by the government
  7. Recommendation Letter of Financial Condition (SKTM) from the local government
  8. Certificate of parents’ income from the agency or acknowledged by the Chairperson of the Neighborhood Ward
  9. Family Card (KK)
  10. Property tax payment slipt and electricity bill
  11. Picture of the front view of the house and the family room
  12. College Performance Contract with Students (attached)

File uploads can be started on the July 12 – 24, 2022