34.000 Seats for the 2022 UNDIP UTBK

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April 5, 2022

The result of the 2022 SNMPTN (Joint National Selection of State Universities) was just announced on Tuesday (29/3/2022) at 15.00 WIB by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT). According to the head of the LTMPT, Mochamad Ashari quoted from detik.com, out of 612,049 registrants, 120,643 students had passed the 2022 SNMPTN. Furthermore, Ashari explained that 109,276 students among the 612,049 SNMPTN 2022 participants were accepted in their 1st choice of the study program. Meanwhile, as many as 11,367 students among the 520.853 participants were accepted in their 2nd choice of the study program.

“For participants who have not passed the 2022 SNMPTN, don’t be discouraged, there are still many opportunities to enter state universities through other pathways. The Computer Based Test (UTBK) will start soon, the registration will start by choosing a study program for the 2022 SBMPTN, starting on March 23, 2022,” explained Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., Vice-Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs UNDIP in his statement recently.

Moreover, Prof. Faisal explained, “Currently, Undip has more than 2200 PCs that can be used for the UTBK, according to the Covid protocol, only half of these devices are used. So, there are 1225 seats for the UTBK. When the UTBK was first implemented, Undip was among the largest providers of computers for the implementation of the UTBK itself. The number of seats for the UTBK has exceeded the capacity set by LTMPT. All facilities belong to Undip (not in collaboration with other institutions),” he continued. In addition, the rooms used for the UTBK at Undip campus in Tembalang and Pleburan are all air-conditioned, making them comfortable and quiet.

“Please note that the UTBK Batch I will be held on May 17 to 23, 2022. Following the Batch II from May 28 to June 3, 2022. The test will be held in the morning and afternoon, except for those who choose mixture studies. The total sessions for Batch I and II are 28 sessions (14 days)”, he concluded.

Those who are interested to take their study at Universitas Diponegoro may see the complete information for the admission requirements that can be accessed on the page: pmb.undip.ac.id. (Ut-Public Relations)


Source: undip.ac.id