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March 10, 2022

Berita Kampus Programme : Lawang Sewu Night Tour, Walked Through History (Source : Youtube)

Semarang – December 2021 was the beginning of the revival of a broadcasting organization called Channel Campus under the auspices of the Communication Studies Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, which has been on hiatus for one year since March 1, 2020. 

The main factor that causes their vacuum is the campus policy that is written in Circular Letter No. 2129/UN7.5.7.2/KM/2021. This policy has an impact on the inhibition of mobility to visit campus and do coverage. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic is also one of the causes.

“We don’t dare to take risks if our children get Covid. So, we decided to find it safe to postpone the activity first,” said Luthfi Maulana, representative of the Channel Campus broadcasting organization.

Who would have thought, the journalistic spirit of Channel Campus members seems to be unstoppable. It occurred to them since they want to do coverage immediately and try to take a risk. They assume that if this organization continues to be silent and always succumbs to circumstances, something feared may happen, such as the disbandment of the organization.

The Channel Campus team had made adjustments to their activities so that they could start being active again at the end of July 2021. However, the situation was the opposite. The emergence of the covid delta variant and the increasing number of sufferers caused the postponement of activities to be repeated.

Reporting activities that are always in contact with external parties are one of the strong reasons why this delay occurred. Finally, after considering and having a long discussion from the vulnerable months of November–December 2021, they decided to dare to get back up and walk gradually until now.

This campus channel was specifically fostered directly by one of the lecturers in mass communication courses, Tandiyo Pradekso, or familiarly called Mas Tan. Appreciation to the team’s hard work and guidance from Mas Tan, Channel Campus was able to have 2 programs on well-known local television, namely “Berita Kampus” on the Kompas TV Central Java channel and “Zona Kampus” on the Cakra Semarang TV channel.

The organization, which is chaired by Annisah Dewi, currently has 46 members. The division of roles includes camera person, reporter, and presenter. The Channel Campus team accepts all interested UNDIP students, but only for the presenter position. As for the camera person and reporter positions, they must come from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. This is enforced because the Channel Campus is sheltered by the Communication Studies Program. Automatically, members of the Channel Campus team must also come from FISIP.

Furthermore, the programs handled by Channel Campus are packaged in the form of weekly programs. “We always have content meetings to plan what will be raised for the next week. Our program is divided into segments, such as reviews, overviews, and entertainment. But we rarely raise flash programs because there is a pandemic,” said Luthfi.

Not only that, other programs raised by Channel Campus include communities, businesses managed by students, profiles about outstanding students, as well as culinary issues. To make it easier to do coverage, the appointed locations are around Central Java.

For many years, the Channel Campus Editorial has been located in Widya Puraya. However, it is currently being moved to Building D on the 3rd floor of FISIP, to be precise at the Communication Sciences LAB. The limited use of the Communication Science LAB facility, which is only open on Monday-Friday and a maximum of 16.00 WIB, has hampered the activities of the Channel Campus team a bit. They also miss the atmosphere and facilities of the editorial office at Widya Puraya which can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Even so, with gradual conditions that are still adjusting to the current pandemic situation, the Channel Campus team tries to continue to provide the best. Luthfi hopes that the current situation will improve soon so that Channel Campus can carry out coverage without worrying about anything and can produce the best quality so that Channel Campus will be more alive and successful.

Reporter : Almira Khairunnisa

Writer: Risa Nurhaliza

Editor : Langgeng Irma

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