P-IRT Socialization To MSME Owners In Ngadikerso Village

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September 13, 2021

Semarang – The Undip FISIP Student Organization collaborated with the Cooperatives and Micro Enterprises, Industry and Trade Office of Semarang Regency to conduct socialization on Home Industry Products (P-IRT) in Ngadikerso Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency.

This socialization activity was held as the beginning of a series of Kerso Makaryo Program conducted by the Undip FISIP Student Organization and initiated by the Community Service and Creative Economy sector of the 2021 FISIP Undip Student Executive Board. Kerso Makaryo Program was part of the Wiradesa Program funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture as an effort to empower, assist and development of MSMEs in Ngadikerso Village based on sociopreneurship. Thus, MSMEs in Ngadikerso Village could play a role in answering the problems they faced and also for Ngadikerso Village itself.

“We have carried out this Wiradesa Program to create pilot MSMEs that can later become role models for all MSMEs in the assisted villages. Starting from the management of production management to marketing. So it can help improve the quality of the community’s economy, “said Agil Muhammadi as Head of Creative Economy sector of the FISIP Undip Student Executive Board.

The socialization regarding Home Industry Products (P-IRT) which was attended by 20 MSME business owners was carried out because there was no understanding of MSME owners in Ngadikerso Village regarding the urgency of the P-IRT permit. Whereas the Home Industry Food Production Certificate (SPP-PIRT) was very important for food producers, as the key to further focus on innovation in broader marketing strategies.

Several things were conveyed during the socialization conducted on September 12, 2021, including the importance of P-IRT and the flow of P-IRT management, matters that must be considered in obtaining a P-IRT permit, as well as the importance of product marketing and branding through product comparison examples. SMEs in other villages.

“After this socialization, I hope that the MSMEs owners in Ngadikerso Village can immediately take care of the P-IRT as a form of responsibility to consumers regarding the food safety which can later be facilitated and assisted by the FISIP Student Executive Board members,” said Mr. Nanda as the Head of the MSME Section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Semarang Regency.

“Thank you FISIP students, this management process is indeed quite difficult and we hope that you guys can be our companions,” said one of the MSME owners, Mrs. Supriati who showed her enthusiasm for this socialization event.

Rara, as the Chief Executive of the P-IRT MSMEs Socialization in Ngadikerso Village also said, “With the socialization and assistance for the MSMEs in Ngadikerso Village, I hope that this can provide new and deeper insights to MSME owners in Ngadikerso Village so that villagers are more creative and innovative in processing and developing local village products. So that they can be broader promoted and are no less competitive than other products on the market. So that, these local products can have a global taste that many people are interested in it.”

The small things that were done by the Undip FISIP Student Organization hopefully could be a lighter and a model for the fellow students to work hand in hand to help in advancing the Indonesian MSMEs and do real service to the community. (Dea Alvita & Feyza Syifa)


Source: undip.ac.id