Encouraging Batang Tourism, Undip Gives Tutorial On The Making Of Souvenir Promotional Videos

Posted by En_Admin

September 13, 2021

Universitas Diponegoro carried out a community service program on a workshop on the making of souvenir promotional videos, Monday (6/9) at Batang. That activity was an effort to encourage the community economy as well as an indirect promotion of Batang District tourism. That was conveyed by the head of the community service program, Agus Naryoso.

“Batang typical souvenir promotion video will help the tourists at Batang District since the audience will link the products with the production place. It also happens here that the MSME owners are encouraged to be able to make the tourism sites around Batang, for this will be a mutually beneficial effort. Tourism will advance and the community economy will increase” he said.

One of the keynote speakers in that workshop was Rintulebda A. Kaloka who emphasized the making of promotion videos that could use media social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, youtube dan TikTok.

“for making the promotional video, the thing that must be recognized is the concept of the video. Several concepts can be applied in either direct, inspirational, informative, tutorial, entertaining or other kinds of promotion. This concept should be carried out maximally so that it can give a good impression to the audience” he said.


Source: undip.ac.id