Talent Scouting For BFLP BRI Group Participants Batch 4

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September 10, 2021

In connection with the recruitment and selection of the BRILian Future Leader Program (BFLP) BRI Group, we hereby inform you that the BRI Group opens up the opportunity for the best young generation of the country to be able to join the BFLP recruitment program. BFLP BRI Group is a recruitment and education program opened by BRI to recruit potential candidates for the future leaders of the BRI Group.

  1. For alumni of Universitas Diponegoro who are interested may apply for the 2021 BFLP selection which will be opend on September 2021 with the following formation :
  • BFLP General (Graduates of all majors except the IT)
  • BFLP IT (Graduates of several IT related majorities such as Technical Information, Electrical Information, Network Engineering, Information System, Computer Science)
  1. The administrative requirements for the BRILiaN Future Leader Program (BFLP) candidates, namely:
  • Candidates should be Undergraduate/Master graduates of Universitas Diponegoro
  • Maximum of 25-year-old for Bachelor degree (has not reached 26 by the registration) and a maximum of 27-year-old for Master degree (has not reached 28 by the registration).
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (Bachelor degree) and 3.25 (Master degree)
  • Not married and willing to not married while being a trainee
  • Willing to be placed in all BRI and BRI Group work unit
  • Willing to sign the Letter of Agreement with BRI Group if accepted as the BFLP BRI Group Participants
  1. Register and fill out the data completely through the BRI recruitment website at e-recruitment.bri.co.id and then apply for the BFLP vacancy. Only the University talent scouting candidates who sign up through the e-recruitment.bri.co.id will be further processed.
  2. For recommendation purposes from Universitas Diponegoro, all registrants are required to fill out the following page
  3. The registration will be closed no later than September 13 2021



Source: bak.undip.ac.id