Master of Communication Science Undip Held A National Webinar “A Shift From Media Planning To Communications Planning Enter The Super Planner”

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September 9, 2021

Master of Communication Studies Universitas at Diponegoro held a National Webinar themed “A Shift From Media Planning to Communications Planning Enter the Super Planner”, (7/9). Presented as the keynote speaker, Dr. Akhmad Edhy Aruman, Lecturer of the Postgraduate Program (S2) The London School of Public Relations Communication Institute, Jakarta. – Research Associate Center of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Empowerment-Institut Pertanian Bogor (CARE-IPB) and moderated by dr. Yanuar Luqman (Undip Communication Lecturer).

This webinar was motivated by the disruption era that changed the paradigm of thinking of strategic communication actors. The complexity of the problem with its various consequences required strategic communication actors to adapt. That happened because, when people discussed communication planning, they would tend to talk about media than other communication elements. In other words, when it came to media planning, the main concern was how to reach as many of the right audiences as possible, in the right place, at the right time, and the right cost. Communication planning, on the other hand, was less about how to reach people than it was about influencing them. The discussion was important because it would open a new perspective/understanding based on the challenges of changing human communication patterns, especially in the context of Strategic Communication.

Meanwhile, the purposes of the webinar were to provide an understanding of the changing practice of Strategic Communication planning in Indonesia and to provide an understanding of the complexity of challenges and opportunities in the practice of Strategic Communication.

In his material, Dr. Edhy said that technology, especially social media internet, had empowered people. In the past, advertising was the primary source of information for consumers. Nowadays, people could decide for themselves whether they wanted to buy a brand. With the right incentives, consumers or audiences tended to be more loyal. Communication planning allowed for a more strategic way of determining the choice of primary media and its connection strategy.

“Communication planning in the Google and Facebook era required a broader set of skills and expertise beyond the media planning experience and talent for ideas, such as Being strategic Digital proficiency is essential, Skills in consumer insight, Multichannel understanding and Collaboration qualities,” he said. (Linda Public Relations)