Universitas Diponegoro’s Commitment To Improve Education Quality Through SISTER Assistance By DIKTI In 2021

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July 22, 2021

Universitas Diponegoro in collaboration with the Directorate General of Science and Technology Resources for Higher Education Kemendikbudristek, on Monday, July 19, 2021, held an explanation and assistance activity for filling out SISTER data for UNDIP lecturers. This was done by UNDIP as a Legal Entity State University (PTNBH) in order to improve the quality of human resources of higher education in various aspects as stated in the Main Performance Indicators (IKU) of Universitas Diponegoro. Lecturer portfolio reporting was carried out by an integrated application called SISTER. The Directorate General of Resources for Science, Technology and Higher Education issued Circular letter number 649/D1 of 2018 dated February 23, 2018, which contained the Implementation of the Integrated Resource Information System (SISTER).

The implementation of SISTER explanation and mentoring activities at UNDIP in 2021 was carried out in a relay on the same day, which was divided into 3 online group schedules via Zoom media. The speakers in this activity were several employees from the Directorate General of Science and Technology Resources for Higher Education along with several UNDIP professors such as Prof. Dr. Ir. Purwanto, DEA, Prof. Dr. Kholis Roisah, S.H., M.Hum, and Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho Sugianto, S.T., M.Sc.

UNDIP PSDKU lecturers who were part of the UNDIP Vocational School got a morning schedule from 08.00 am to 11.00 am with other Group A namely the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Science and Mathematics. In terms of a very young age, this was a strong commitment from PSDKU lecturers to swiftly adjust self-development in line with the rhythm of UNDIP’s institutional development. The study programs that were incorporated in the UNDIP PSDKU were currently only about 3 years old, but the UNDIP PSDKU lecturers already had enough Tridharma of Higher Education activities to be reported through SISTER.

At the beginning of the event, the material was brought by a speaker from DIKTI named Rizki Tito Prasetyo. Rizki explained the outline of the crucial things in reporting SISTER data and the obstacles that were often experienced by lecturers throughout Indonesia. The committee had also distributed the SISTER manual to the training participants to make it easier to fill out their SISTER data. DIKTI in collaboration with the speakers from UNDIP also received many questions from UNDIP lecturers, one of which was a cliché problem that often occurred, namely the old sister data which had not yet changed. Rizki replied that to get the validation process from the campus operator, the lecturer had to make sure they had clicked on Submit data, which according to experience was the thing that was often forgotten by lecturers.

DIKTI also explained that there were main points that should be considered in this year’s SISTER data, namely the reporting of the quality of lecturers & instructors which had 3 indicators including lecturers who were active outside the campus, teaching practitioners on campus, and the results of lecturers’ work used by the community. For the last 2 years, even though Indonesia was being hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, this had not been stoped UNDIP PSDKU from fulfilling the 3 key indicators of lecturer & instructor’s quality. This was proven through the frequent public lectures held by practitioners at the beginning of the semester, for example, public lectures on the 3-year Diploma program of Tax Administration Entrepreneurship Practitioners in Batang in the Odd semester of 2020/2021, and the results of community service by lecturers used by the community in the form of MSME tax incentive workshops in 2020. Other activities carried out by PSDKU UNDIP were the online KKL (work field lecture) by the mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi and Tommy Yudha Prasetya as Regional Marketing Head of Hutchison 3 Indonesia West Java. Meanwhile, for off-campus activities, it was proven by one of the study programs, namely the 3-year Diploma Program of Tax Administration, Batang where the lecturers became the members of professional organizations such as the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN).

The participating lecturers seemed enthusiastic in discussing this activity, some of them asked questions related to SISTER that they had experienced so far, others even immediately practised while opening the SISTER application considering the deadline for filling out SISTER data was on July 31, 2021. According to the SISTER page, a lecturer activity could be entered into SISTER if it met the requirements according to the sub-categories of each activity. These requirements include the name of the activity, the name of the chairperson, members, scientific fields, funding, the input of the Decree Number which had an impact on the relevance of uploading the Rector’s Decree. Without these requirements or some of them, the filling of SISTER data could not be processed further.

The activities of UNDIP lecturers in general, UNDIP PSDKU lecturers in particular, which were in line with the Main Performance Indicators (IKU) of DIKTI were a form of Universitas Diponegoro’s commitment to improving the quality of higher education in Indonesia. With the increasing quality and graduates of higher education, it was expected that UNDIP would produce more and more excellent human resources in the community, which would help build the nation and state, one of which was in the field of economic independence. In the end, higher education was expected to be able to bring people closer to a just and prosperous condition in accordance with the mandate of the constitution.

Writer : Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M.


Source: undip.ac.id