Samuel Kristian P Purba (Alumnus of Communication Science FISIP UNDIP): The Young Generation of Today’s Era Must Be Smart and Clever

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July 9, 2021

“Exploring the Communication Science is not as easy as we imagine, that not everything that is learned in college can be applied in the work-life. At that time I thought that if I entered Communication Science, it had nothing to do with calculations. It turned out that there was a statistical lesson that drained (my) energy and material. Quantitative Research Methods, a study that underlies the researcher in taking the data, determining variables and which are then measured by numbers. So that, the analysis can be carried out according to applicable statistics procedures. I remember my supervisor, Mas Tandiyo Pradekso, my energy and thoughts were completely drained,” recalls Samuel Purba, an alumnus of Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro.

“I entered Undip through the New Student Admissions Selection in 2002, formerly known as SPMB. The experience of meeting SPMB students from various regions in Indonesia was special, especially at that time communication technology was still difficult, physical presence became more important than virtual presence, which is a good thing. Because during my study I lived in Semarang, Central Java, I could finally be able to learn Javanese with students from the local area. Besides, Semarang has a strategic location. So I could travel to other cities. Undip’s lecturers were also reliable and qualified. As we know that Undip is one of the best universities in Indonesia,” he continued.

Regarding the work experience, initially, he worked at Global Informasi Bermutu (GTV) in the newsgathering division. He worked as a reporter for the first 4 years, and in the last 5 years, he moved to MNC News Channel as the Associate Producer and News Anchor. His main job description as the Associate Producer along with the team was to compile a rundown of 3 news programs to be broadcasted on that day and carry them out.

“Usually, the Associate Producer is responsible for making and editing the news scripts that will be broadcasted. However, it is typical of MNC News, a full news tv channel, it is not focused on that. It collects news that has news value from 4 news TVs in MNC Group and or makes news or programs that are not yet available on these stations. Meanwhile, the job description of a News Anchor is to bring the news programs according to the character determined by the producer or the leader,” he said.

“The experience of dealing with the Quantitative Research Methods course which had to be repeated seven times finally awaken me that it is not right to insist on self-knowledge. Moreover, it is not good if we argue with the lecturers who are much smarter and experienced, while we do not master the knowledge. That became a lesson for me, it turns out that all this time I was still stupid and lacked of knowledge. So for today’s young generation, if you want to play Tiktok, or become a YouTuber for a living, it’s okay. They also have to be clever and academically smart. When we are confronted or argued with smart people and we already have the knowledge and skills with sufficient ammunition, it will be something more fun,” he concluded. (Linda Public Relations).


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