Undip Alumni Networking Talkshow: Synergize In Building The Nation Session 3

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June 24, 2021

Tuesday (22/06), after the success of sessions one and two, Universitas Diponegoro held another Talkshow: Ben Connect Alumni Networking of Universitas Diponegoro Session three. The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) was the host for the talk show of that session. The event was still being held virtual/online via the Zoom meeting platform at 19.30 WIB.

The talk show was attended by the Undip Rector who was represented by the Acting. Vice-Chancellor III for Communication and Business, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., MA., Ph.D., Dean of FISIP Undip, Dr. Hardi Warsono, MTP., Vice Dean I of FISIP Undip, Dr. Drs. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin., Head of Undip Rating Office who was represented by Vice Head of Undip Rating Office, Dessy Ariyanti, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., and Head of DPP IKA FISIP Undip, Akhmad Muqowam. Also presented as the speakers were Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry, Masrokhan and Vice Editor in Chief of Kompas TV, Yogi Arief Nugraha.

The talkshow was begun with remarks from the Undip Rector who were represented by the Acting. Vice Chancellor III for Communication and Business, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, S.E., M.A., Ph.D., conveyed the importance of the role of Alumni in the development of Undip. “That the role of alumni will be needed by Undip and also later the collaboration between Undip and Alumni is expected to be closer. The role of Alumni has raised many of the achievements of Universitas Diponegoro,” said Dwi.

Besides, the Dean of FISIP Undip, Dr. Hardi Warsono, MTP., explained that Alumni had a very strategic position in realizing Undip’s progress. Alumni who had achievements in the midst of social life were certainly very helpful in branding a university. Therefore, Alumni must be designed to have smart and strong networking. And were designed to love the Alma mater and proud of the Alumnus.

“Conducive academic communication is the key. There are institutions, a strong bond of the alumni, and always sharing information. This strong and smart networking will be able to be the capital in contributing to building higher education,” said Dr. Hardi Warsono, MTP.

To create a strong Alumni Networking, Alumni Associations and University need to build synergies and good communication. “In the future, after this activity, we really hope that synergy can be carried out because, in this global world, synergy is the main thing,” said Vice Head of Undip Rating Office Dessy Ariyanti, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.

After synergies and communication have created a strong Alumni Networking, it was necessary to take a side with their Alma mater. “Now is the opportunity for the alma mater and also the Undip IKA to take a side wherever we are. So that, the career path can be monitored by IKA Undip,” said one of the Alumni of FISIP Undip who also served as Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry, Masrokhan. In addition, it was necessary to increase the intensity of communication between Alumni and the University. So, a wider Alumni Networking could be created. “The alma mater must be active in communicating, then the IKA Alumni of FISIP certainly needs to take deeper approaches to the alumni who are in various ranks,” he added.

Vice Chief Editor of Kompas TV, Yogi Arief Nugraha, when explaining Alumni as the Brand Ambassadors of the University

Vice Editor-in-Chief of Kompas TV, Yogi Arief Nugraha, added that Alumni could be the Brand Ambassadors of the University. By utilizing all-digital communication, Alumni could promote the information and campus activities to the people around them. So that, a good image and connection will be built. “These alumni have become the Brand Ambassadors of the University. In an all-digital situation, everything is interconnected,” said Yogi Arief. “However, mostly the information regarding a collaboration from University that is actually important does not reach to the Alumni. So that, there is a gap between alumni and campus,” he continued.

With the global challenges and entering the industrial era 5.0, it was necessary to have good communication. So that, it could increase the collaboration between alumni and the University


Source : undip.ac.id