192 Students Proposals To Pass The 2021 PKM, UNDIP Prepares The Academic Incentives

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May 10, 2021

SEMARANG – A total of 192 proposals from Universitas Diponegoro’s students had successfully passed the PKM (Student Creativity Program) selection held by the Ministry of Education and Culture Research Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek) in 2021. The funding support provided by the ministry for the 2021 PKM Undip Team had a total of Rp. 1.6 billion.

Undip student proposals were able to reach the 5 fields and there was one idea that was competed; unfortunately, this year we could not participate in the field of Innovative Work PKM (PKMKI). Seen from the number of proposals approved as well as the amount of funding support obtained, with 192 proposals that had passed, Undip was in 5th place.

Undip’s Vice Rector 1 for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Budi Setiyono PhD, expressed his gratitude at this achievement. He understood that the difficulties and obstacles faced by the students and supervisors were quite severe during this pandemic. “In fact, it is quite difficult to mobilize students to compete in PKM. Only with the hard work of the Student Affairs Directorate, Vice Dean 1 for each faculty, BEM, and other Ormawa that it can be done, ”said Prof. Budi, on Saturday (8/5/2021).

Therefore, with the results achieved, he admited that he was grateful. It was because in the midst of the plague, there were still many students who were motivated to take part in the competition. The university would immediately prepare full assistance for the teams that had passed the 2021 PKM. So that, they could compete to the PIMNAS and achieve another accomplishment for Undip.

To support this event, Undip had provided 127 lecturers with relevant qualifications as their companions. Besides, to the 960 students who were included in the 192 PKM Winning Teams, Undip had also prepared the incentives. “We are currently preparing the academic and non-academic awards. The academic award is in the form of equivalent conversion to courses of the students who win the competition. Meanwhile, the non-academic awards are in the form of financial awards, ”he added.

In 2021 PKM, detailed from the existing fields and ideas, the UNDIP students’ proposals who had successfully passed the 2021 PKM consisted of 10 Constructive Futuristic Ideas (PKMGFK); 25 Proposals for Entrepreneurship (PKMK); 19 Proposals for Creative Commitment (PKMKC); 4 Proposals for the Field of Science and Technology Application (PKMPI); 26 Proposals for Community Service (PKMPM); 85 PKM Proposals for Exact Research (PKMRE); and 23 Proposals for Humanities Research (PKMRSH).

Meanwhile, seen from the large number of proposals that had passed and received the funding from the Ministry of Education and Technology, the order of ranking was first UGM with 348 proposals, followed by the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) with 298 proposals, then in the third place was the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) with 244 proposals, Universitas Brawijaya with 236 proposals, and Universitas Diponegoro with 192 proposals.

“we’d like to congratulate the students who had passed the 2021 PKM. For those who have not succeeded, there is still another battlefield that can be taken. I hope everyone remains excited to be creative and do the best. There will definitely be the results (of your hardwork),” said Budi Setiyono. (PR team)

Source: undip.ac.id