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March 30, 2021

The PF Prestasi Scholarship Program is a continuation program of the Pertamina Employee Welfare Foundation scholarship. The source of funding for this program comes from the use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT. Pertamina (Persero) funds which is managed by the Pertamina Foundation. The Pertamina Sobat Bumi Scholarship Program consists of three types, namely the PF Prestasi Reguler Scholarship, the PF Prestasi Khusus Scholarship, and the PF Prestasi Khusus Indonesia Timur Scholarship program.

The big goal of this program is to prepare the national leaders who are able to learn, share and move together for the nature and have an entrepreneurial spirit. The selected students are expected to become the agents who are able to transmit a positive mindset about the nature preservation.

This program is aimed to the younger generation, especially the Indonesian students with a bachelor level in various disciplines, and coming from partner universities of the PF Prestasi Scholarship Program who have passion for the environmental sustainability.


What are the selection criteria that a prospective recipient of the PF Prestasi Scholarship program must have?

  1. Havinga leadership spirit and is able to be involved in environmental management and preservation
  2. Having a maturity level in managing emotions, self-confidence, and being able to adapt and socialize with the surrounding environment
  3. Having an open mind and think ahead
  4. Having a devoted heart to the homeland
  5. Being committed to realize the synergy between the environmental sustainability and the progress of the nation


What requirements that must be met by the prospective recipients of the Pertamina Sobat Bumi Scholarship program?


  1. Indonesian citizens, proven by a National Identity Card (KTP) or other valid identity and still valid.
  2. Registered as an active student / student or not on leave from a PF partner State University, proven by a scan / photo of the Student Card.
  3. At least, you have taken the college for 2/4/6 semesters.
  4. The minimum grade point average (GPA) at the time of registration is 3.00, proven by a scan / photo of the GPA document issued by the authorities / faculty / university).
  5. Not involved in the abuse of illegal drugs / drugs and other criminal acts, supported by a stamped statement.
  6. Fill out the online registration form at beasiswa.pertaminafoundation.org
  7. Willing to do a selection process held by the Pertamina Foundation.
  8. Attach / send the requirements / required documents.


Write and send the written works in the form of essays, with the provisions as follow:

  1. The essays are self-made and are not the result of plagiarism
  2. Written on 4 pages of quarto size paper (A4) with the number of written words 1200 & ndash 1400, with 1.5 spacing between lines
  3. The writing includes at least 2 photos of actvities
  4. Theme: “Creative Actions to Prevent, Spread and Control the Covid-19” The substance of the essay prioritizes the use of local / low technology resources, contributes positively to the environment, has an impact on improving the quality of life of the community.
  5. Not currently receiving any scholarship from other organizations (proven by attaching a scanned / photo of a certificate from the faculty / department / academic department regarding the statement / recommendation).
  6. Active in social or environmental organizations / actions, proven by attaching a scan / photo of recommendation letters from figures / administrators / actors of the environmental organizations, and / or community social organizations.
  7. For students who have economic limitations, please attach a scanned / photo of a letter of incapacity from the village / sub-district.
  8. Attach a scan / photo of the Family Card (KK)


What facilities do the recipients of the PF Prestasi Scholarship receive?

  1. UKT assistance in a maximum of IDR 5,000,000 / semester
  2. Monthly living expenses assistance of IDR 500 thousand


How is the selection process to receive the PF Prestasi Scholarship program?

The admission of the PF Prestasi Scholarship includes three stages of selection, namely the administrative selection, substance selection and interview selection. After receiving the online registration file, the Pertamina Foundation selection team will validate and check the completeness of the requirements. The files that pass will be included in the substance test, while those that do not pass the first selection will receive a notification. The process then continues with a substance examination to select and determine which participants are eligible to pass the interview. The substance selection is an assessment of the weight of the documents sent to the committee based on the existing provisions. In the interview test, the applicants will face four elements, namely the representatives of Pertamina Foundation, PT Pertamina (Persero), and local universities. The location of the interview is in their respective campuses. The final announcement will be published on the beasiswa.pertaminafoundation.org page

For complete information and registration : https://beasiswa.pertaminafoundation.org/

Poster of the 2021 Pertamina Scholarship – online

Source : bak.undip.ac.id